What are dApps and how can they impact your business?

2 min readOct 5, 2022


Decentralized applications (dApps) have gained popularity recently, and for a good reason. DApps offer notable advantages for users and organizations. Compared to standard centralized applications, dApps offer an upgraded feature set. Additionally, dApps provide a higher level of security compared to traditional applications.

DApps or decentralized applications run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer (P2P) network. These applications are not controlled or owned from a single server, instead they operate using power from different computers.

Why dApps are good for your Business?

Businesses can benefit from incorporating dApps into their everyday operations. DApps can help businesses run more efficiently by enhancing consumer privacy and streamlining mundane tasks. Here are some reasons why using a dApp is good for your business.

1. Advance Data Security

DApps provides increased security than typical applications. On a dApp, user data is dispersed among different computer nodes and kept on shared databases. It would be impossible to steal all the data even if a node were to be taken over because each node would need to be compromised.

2. Save additional Costs

Businesses can save money by using dApps, especially since they eliminate the need for intermediaries. For instance, because a Defi lending marketplace encourages direct interaction with borrowers, moneylenders can save on third-party expenses.

3. Enhanced Digital Operations

Because dApps operate across several servers, it is challenging to stop their operations — especially in a specific area. Governments cannot limit an application since there is no standard IP address. This makes international expansion for businesses simpler.

4. Zero Downtime

A central server hosts many traditional applications. If the server malfunctions, the entire app ecosystem will suffer. However, for dApps, they run on P2P blockchain-enabled networks. If a computer node crashes, the rest of the network will continue to function seamlessly, thus preventing service interruptions and application downtime.

The most significant feature Dapps provide is decentralization — they are entirely free from the control and interference of a single authority. As a result, dApps offer better security and customer service, benefiting users and business owners.

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