Rebranding Announcement

2 min readJun 16, 2022


Hello everyone, the market is crazy right now, and I fear many web3 projects will be decimated in the coming months. I want to take the opportunity to update everyone on the plan for SUBX and our future.

Before we talk about the future, let’s remember our history:

16 May 21 — We launched decentralised communities for entrepreneurs to be rewarded by sharing their experiences with others. During this time, we launched the Startup Boost Token (BEP-20).

21 Nov 21 — We pivoted to become SUBX FINANCE LAB, offering blockchain-as-as-service products for businesses. We also migrated the Startup Boost Token to the SUBX FINANCE LAB Token (BEP-20). BNB was worth around $600 at the time.

8 May 22 — UST depegged, and LUNA crashed. This upset the altcoin market, and many BEP20 tokens took a heavy hit.

30 May 22 — We bought back all of our circulating supply from holders of SUBX FINANCE LAB Token (BEP-20). We also voluntarily delisted from LBANK and Probit. We anticipated a bear market and decided to execute a buyback for the best interest of our holders.

14 June 22 — BNB crashed to $219. Overall crypto market cap dropped below $1T. SUBX has fully detokenised and continues to operate without a token.

Today, I would like to announce our updated positioning to SUBX, a no-code dApp builder platform. Over the last month, my team created a platform where we can offer dApp templates to other web3-enabled businesses.

These dApp templates were derived from our previous product offerings (such as Bounty, our staking platform) and re-packaged into an easy-to-use platform. The new platform will be live next month, and we will be doing a giveaway to celebrate the launch of the new platform.

We also purchased a sexier domain ( and got ourselves a sleeker logo as well. I am in love with the new branding, and I hope you guys are equally pumped about it.

In the coming months, we will continue to watch the market while we upgrade our platform and grow our community. We are looking to relaunch our token and are working on building a more robust token-product integration. Regardless, previously holders will be whitelisted for any new adventures.

We have a lot more hot news in store for our community and customers, so do remember to join our mailing list.

I want to thank my team, community, and customers for the continuous support. Do join our vast community on telegram, discord and twitter (we have over 20k community members).

Adam Ihsan




SUBX is a no-code dApp builder platform. Join us in building the web3 equivalent of Wix and Squarespace.