Complete Token Buyback and Claim Timeline

3 min readJun 7, 2022


Hello everyone. This is the completed summary of our token buyback and airdrop campaign.

18/5 — During our AMA #10, we introduced the challenges we were facing and asked the community to vote on two options: to raise more capital via IDO now or to buy back all of our circulating supply and IDO later.

18/5 — The vote was published for the community to vote.

20/5 — We voluntarily delisted on Probit and LBank.

22/5 — The community voted for us to buy back all of our circulating supply and IDO later (76% vs 23%).

24/5 — We hosted AMA #11 to share the buy back process with our holders.

26/5 — Token liquidity was removed from Pancakeswap, and all vaults links were removed.

27/5 — The Token Buyback Agreement was finalised and posted on social media and our website.

29/5 — We took a snapshot of all token balances in individual wallet addresses and published the snapshot here.

30/5 — We airdropped BNB to all individual addresses at a rate of 0.000535BNB/token. Do note that the presale rate was 0.0015/BNB. Factoring in 80% APY from staking rewards, a person who purchased tokens will receive approximately 50% of their original BNB contribution during the presale.

31/5 to 12/6 — We will process manual airdrops for holders who did not unstake their tokens and/or did not remove tokens from Probit or LBank without any admin fees.

12/6 Onwards — We will continue to process manual airdrops with a 20% admin fee and a 1% maintenance fee of the total airdrop amount per day starting from 12/6.

(Update : The 20% admin fee will be applied after the grace period which was extended until 19/6.)

Thank you, everyone, for the support over the last six months. We will continue to build products and work on strengthening product-token integration for a more successful IDO in the future. All holders of our token will be whitelisted for the next IDO — holders will have the option to determine if they would like to join us again for the adventures.

We are proud of our wins and losses and stay committed to being as transparent as we can with our community. A shout out to the team, GP members, army group, consultants, advisors and our community — we will be back!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have received my BNB. What do I do with the remaining tokens?

A1. You should send all remaining tokens to the drain address at 0x34355f5A58F7Cf2f0FE491FdDEb3ebfC0d8c2d9e. We will be sending a small token of appreciation to all holders who do this

Q2. How do I know if I have received the BNB airdrop?

A2. You can go to and paste your wallet address. Navigate to the Internal Txns tab, and you will see a transaction from CoinTool: MultiSender dated 30/5.

Q3. What should I do if I unstaked my tokens after the snapshot date?

A3. Please withdraw all tokens to your key-owned BEP20 wallet, such as metamask/trust wallet, and submit a manual claim here:

Q4. What should I do if I withdraw tokens from LBANK/Probit after the snapshot date?

A4. Please withdraw all tokens to your key-owned BEP20 wallet, such as metamask/trust wallet, and submit a manual claim here:

Q5. How can I contact the team directly

A5. Please send a message to our support channel We have team members attending the chat from 11–7 pm SGT.

Q6. How long does it take for manual claims to be processed

A6. It will take between 5–10 working days. Completed manual airdrops will be posted on




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