Client Showcase — Vince Chain

Let us welcome our new client, Vince Chain — one of the fastest blockchain in the world with low transaction fees, scalable and builder friendly.

Vince Chain also introduced their token — Vince Token as the native token of Vince and Vangold Ecosystem. The Vince Token will be used to govern and secure the network by staking through the network of applications and dApps available in the Vangold ecosystem.

The Vangold ecosystem consist of Vangold Freelance — to create and fulfil professional job postings and orders instantly on the service, Vangold Pay — a fully decentralised payment service powered by smart contracts, Vangold NFT — a marketplace for digital arts and collectibles that is powered by the Vince Chain network and; Vangold Mart — an online e-commerce marketplace where users buy and sell products or services.

For more information visit

If interested in our products contact @subxsales on Telegram.

Article written by Amirul (Design & Communication Lead)

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