Client Showcase — NerveFlux

We are delighted to announce that NerveFlux will be joining our new list of clients.

Currently, operational in countries — Italy, Croatia, Germany, Spain & Nigeria — NerveFlux is built on the idea of an ecosystem where everyone will be able to invest in property without having the trouble to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat. With the introduction of the NerveFlux Marketplace, users will be able to rent houses, buy and invest in properties with payment made via NerveFlux token — NERVE. In addition, NerveFlux plans to permanently burnt 100% of the Liquidity Pool Token (Cake LPToken) to ensure that there is no ‘rugpull’ now and in the future as NerveFlux believes that this is going to be a people’s token. Hence, NerveFlux will ensure that their holders will be given what is rightfully theirs.

For more information visit

If interested in our products contact @subxsales on Telegram.

Article written by Amirul (Design & Communication Lead)

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