Client Showcase — Muu Inu

We are excited to share with you our new client Muu Inu!

Muu Inu (MINU) is the king of the “COW TREND!” If there’s a trend, it would be a fast and consistent delivery to the community — a rather fresh take on BSC. Muu Inu is gearing towards domination of the animal hype tokens, eventually populating the whole space. The MINU project is just one of the most innovative offerings to date. While others rely on heavy taxation to create a cushion for sustainability, Muu Inu relies on contract execution, where the balance between the rise and fall of the token price is evident with each buy and sell transaction.

For more information visit

Muu Inu is now using our Swap dApp. Check it out here —

If interested in our products, contact @subxsales on Telegram.



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